Attack Military of Israel in Band of Gaza Palestinian Progressively Generate Many Victim. (English Version)

Animus between military of Hamas Palestinian and of Israel seemingly cannot desist, from some tens of last year both Moslem state and the Jew each other attacking. Have how many people defeated effect of animus, this both involved in state of venomous encounter.

Attack of Israel to Hamas triggered from team attack of Hamas in Israel since last some years, this of Israel reciprocate with larger ones attacks. Attack of Israel happened since 27 December 2008, first of all Israel attack Palestinian through air by using jet plane. They also launch rockets to area settlement of Palestinian, till on 4 January 2009 Israel attack Palestinian use land band which progressively defeat many victim. Israel not merely attacking to use jet plane they remain to also use helicopter and tank-tank.

Victim of attack of Israel in this time reach more than 800 people of is including 215 child and 98 woman, do not close possibility of victim will progressively growing larger. This is clear of collision to human right. Have some leader of state in world propose Israel to do cease-fire and discontinue attack. Some state also have used diplomacy band to continue to to depress UN to be releasing resolution carp action of Israel, but UN not yet done it. Though, one of the school of UN residing in champ evacuation of Palestinian fall to pieces effect of bombed by tank-tank property of israel.

Though Israel have been warned by some state, Israel not yet discontinued its attack and do cease-fire. Prime Minister Of Israel Ehud Olmert emphatically refuse cease-fire with Hamas, Olmert will not put in the way of Hamas to launch attack to region of Israel.

Do animus will continue to have continuation? When Israel will discontinue its attack?

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