Prediction Natural Disaster to Happened in 2009. (English Version)

Year 2008 have elapsed and year 2009 strarting to be experienced, whether will be more either from 2009....?

Many people forecast whereof to happened in 2009, either through erudite and also is not erudite. One other erudite is, existence of the forecast of from man of science of Australian forecasting the existence of earthquake, floods, tsunami, storm, mount eruption have fire to and other big disasters to swallow many soul victim. And most hard addressed in Asian area of pasifik, including Indonesia and other South-East Asia nations. Recently that news circulate, Indonesia have been knocked over by earthquake with power of 7,6 scale of richter. Earthquake happened in town of Manokwari, Papua West on week, 4 January 2009.

With existence of the prediction automatically will generate panicity to society citizen which life in Asian nations of Pacific, they feel threatenedly its soul after hearing the news. Citizen Acheh for example, not yet losed to feel trauma effect of disaster of tsunami breaking all and defeat hundreds of thousand people in the year 2004. They now have been faced again forecast of the the happening of big disaster again.

Most natural disaster which is big to be resulted from the act of x'self human being, human being often do to mess about xself to nature. Throwing away garbage promiscuously, cutting away forest and is irresponsible, growth of ever greater earthling, air pollution effect of vehicle and factory which more and more throwing away its waste to river water, also the existence of change of climate, and others.

That way citizen ought to which is disaster gristle needn't panic and is threatened its soul, because them also can together lessen big natural disaster risk. By taking care of continuity of environment, lessening contamination ( land;ground, water, and air), do not throw away garbage promiscuously, planting again forest which have been cut away and others. If disaster cannot be prevented, hence at least we earn to lessen biggest risk of him.

When natural disaster happened, big or not is the natural disaster.....Only God who know.....

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